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About bugs, bots & bytes

The Hackers & Designers Summer Academy 2015 took place from 29 July-7 August in De PUNT Amsterdam. The cover charge was €350,00 per participant covering the 10 day program, a welcome dinner, daily lunches and an arduino kit.

The call for application closed on May 30th 2015.




Public film screening

H&D Summer Talks

At the end of the Summer Academy Hackers & Designers invited cross-disciplinary speakers to take the participants and the public into a deeper conversation around topics, which have arose in our modern techno society and breached over the course of the Summer Academy. The speakers offered insights and diverse perspectives into their research, professional and artistic practices, all the while maintaining the satirical and humorous approach of Hackers & Designers.


School's out for Summer! Hackers & Designers warmly invited for a summer night of talks, drinks, 'n tunes.

22:00-3:00: H&D Summer Party, music by:



  • Flaminia Fortunato
  • Maaike De Laat
  • Eurico Sá Fernandes
  • Minhong Yu
  • Mark-Jan Tellingen
  • Michaela Lakova
  • Celia Rosa
  • Jona Andersen
  • Juriaan Boerman
  • Vincent Hoenderop
  • Linder Basil Lukas
  • Lucian Blankevoort
  • Vicky De Visser


*a list of all articles containing content produced during the summer academy or referenctial articles that stand in relation to the summer academy

  • [[Glossary | HDSA 2015 Glossary]: More notes here: Github
  • Recipes Algorithmic kitchen (look for participant contributions)
  • Essay Christian Greer (Royal Tombs)
  • Quotes participants (look for different quotes)