ErrorLeaks manifest

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Created by Maaike De Laat, Eurico Sá Fernandes, Mark-Jan Tellingen during the Error Messages workshop

ErrorLeaks Manifest

We are ErrorLeaks, liberating the error message from the seamless interfaces. Information wants to be free - errors want to be exposed. But the error message is widely disappearing.

The error message is a decision. A decision to hide or display information from the public, to protect commercial business and reputation. As technology becomes more powerful, people become increasingly vulnerable. We believe errors are crucial to understanding ourselves and our (technological) surroundings.

  • We demand for errors to be put back into the hands of the users.
  • Let’s not accept the false sense of security manufacturers give us.
  • We wish to debug, to end the filter.
  • Let’s throw away the pain killers and heal the body.
  • We want to break the soothing message, let’s go unauthorised.
  • We demand for manufacturers to be open about flaws in software and hardware.
  • Let’s not fear to open our black boxes.