Error Messages

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Error Messages
Name Error Messages
Location De Punt, Frans de Wollantstraat 84, 1018 SC Amsterdam
Date 2015/08/05
Time 10:00-17:00
PeopleOrganisations Metahaven
Type HDSA2015
Web Yes
Print Yes

Designing error messages in a conceptual way

Topics of interest:

  • What is the psychology of an error message?
  • How does the interface falls in love with us?
  • How does technology admits it fails.
Firefox error message.png

Workshop results - error messages
Flaminia, Vincent, Vicky
'Artificial intelligence' Error – Designing an error message for an Artificial Intelligence

Error messages are only temporary events for an AI. It just takes some time to heal.

Maaike, Mark-Jan, Eurico
ErrorLeaks manifest: a manifesto based on the following ideas:

  • The error message is a decision.
  • A decision to hide or display information from the public, to protect commercial business and reputation.
  • As technology becomes more powerful, people become increasingly vulnerable.
  • We believe errors are crucial to understanding ourselves and our (technological) surroundings.

Basil, Lucian, Michaela
'Sad Face' Error: The more an error occurs, the sadder the error message becomes.

Scott, Jona, Jurriaan
Storyboard ‘soap series’ from error messages.
Future: speculative error messages:
Error messages become more and more infantile and have a certain character to it.
Brainstorm: Personalities: Mood, gender, insult, apologizing, positive, negative, polite

Selby, Anja, James
'Awkward' Error Awkward situation on Facebook: James’ grandmother was using the word ‘Hot dish' in relation to new girlfriend.
Error to James’ grandmother: a postcard notification.
Oops - You are receiving this card because of an issue that occurred on Facebook :(