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Location Het Wilde Weg
Date 2024/07/17-2024/07/24
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Hackers & Designers Summer Camp 2024 Unruly Currents & Everyday Piracy is happening 15 – 25 July 2024 at Het Wilde Weg. During camp, 30 residents will embark on an adventure of learning, making and living together. With this format we aim for a holistic and intersectional way of thinking about and practicing sustainability (socially, ecologically, economically, culturally) and reknit the sometimes arbitrary boundaries between work, play, leisure, maintenance and care. 

On several mornings and on the weekend, we open the camping grounds for visitors to join us for short workshop activities that are open to the public. This year's intergenerational public program (ages 6 to 106) is a collaboration with MU Hybrid Art House. 

Open Morning workshops

Are you between 6-12 years old? Tell your favourite grown-up and join one of our Open Morning workshops on Wednesday 17.07, Thursday 18.07, Tuesday 23.07 and Wednesday 24.07 from 10.00~12.30 (grounds open from 9.30)! Workshops are facilitated in Dutch and English as needed.

Wednesday 17 July: Mapping Typologies by AtelierNL x MU

In this workshop you will explore the campsite by examining the soil! Join an expedition, to discover a world of unexpected patterns and special stories. By zooming in and focusing on specific qualities and elements found in each environment, you will begin to discover new things about the area around Het Wilde Weg. MU educators will guide you in mapping, grouping and arranging your discoveries. Which surprising patterns can you find? Everyone collects and organizes materials in a unique way. What does that say about how you view the world and your interests? Each collection reveals as much about the collector as it does about the area.    This workshop was developed by AtelierNL in collaboration with MU.

Thursday 18 July: Workshop and exhibition visit MU Hybrid Art House, Eindhoven

(departure from the camp at or meet us at MU, details will be provided) Note: you can travel with us from campsite het Wilde Weg, or meet us at MU!    Join us on an excursion to MU in Eindhoven where we will visit double exhibition Hulda, Lilli & the Roach by Maija Tammi and Transmission by Touki Delphine. MU educator Lieke will host a special workshop and conversation for us to think and talk about the projects we'll see there.  

Tuesday 23 July: Creative Coded Game

Can you fit an entire escape room into a box? Well MU can! Best warm up your brain because this will be a challenge. Can you crack the codes and discover the hidden patterns? Set the clock....go! Before the timer runs out you have to unlock 5 games and open the box. By solving the games you will learn what computer code is and how it works. You will also learn how artists use computer code in surprising, creative ways. It is the perfect introduction to the other materials from MU's Creative Code, and mostly really fun!    More info: https://decreatievecode.nl/platform/93/creatieve-coded-game 

Wednesday 24 July: Her-story of technology

Technology a boy's thing? No way! Not only boys can be computer nerds and hackers. In this workshop you learn all about the women who worked on great technological inventions in history. Claire L. Evans will tell you all about the "her-story" of tech. After this workshop you are no longer just a "user", you will know how to help build a safer, inclusive world of technology.    More info: https://decreatievecode.nl/platform/75/her-story-1---invisible-women

On Saturday 20 july and Sunday 21 july the camp is open for all to join, and you can pop by for a whole day of fun workshops. See more info under "open weekend program". On Saturday you can even bring a tent and stay the night!


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  • Please note: these mornings follow an intergenerational format where participants of different ages exchanges ideas. Kids are expected to join together with an adult caretaker. 

Open Weekend Program

Bring your own tent and your kin, and spend the weekend with us during the Open Weekend Program: Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 July! Expect workshops, talks, readings, food, music, daily rituals, a swim... 

Saturday 20 July

For ages 6 to 106:

10.00-17.00h walk-in workshop Miniature Worldbuilding with Jasper Bloem x MU

Designer, maker & speculative storyteller Jasper Bloem will join the camp to introduce all the campers to his world of miniature making. What will the future look like? What will people need or wish for? Hack your eyes by building a small world yourself in this all-day walk-in workshop.    Since his graduation 2023 Jasper Bloem has encouraged young people from all kinds of backgrounds to start speculating about possible futures themselves. Using discarded technological materials, participants are encouraged to experiment with form and function in new ways.   

For grown-ups:

Sunday 21 July

For ages 6 to 106:

9.00~11.00h - Overnight campers can join Livia's Puppetry & Storytelling workshop and show!

MU Creatieve Code Workshop Day, with:

Pixar films and games like Fortnite seem almost magical. But did you know that you can  create your own digital creatures and worlds with MU? During this drop-in workshop you will learn creatures to life using digital 3D animation. POST NEON is the creative design studio from Amsterdam that created this workshop with MU. Their installation, Generation XYZ, has been featured at various festivals and schools. With their project POST SCHOOL, they aim to introduce as many young people as possible to 3D design and animation.

This workshop is about portraits, computers, and facial recognition. Many artists work with these concepts. We share all sorts of information about ourselves on the Internet (data). How can we make an image of a person using their data? What would your data-portrait look like? Join us to create your own analogue Computer POR[TRAIT]. In the second part of the workshop, we will find out how (well?) the computer can recognize faces. Computers see faces in a different way than us humans do. Can you trick a smart computer by making faces out of clay?

  • and more!

Have you done enough workshopping? Relax and watch a video of the Manic Accuracy project by Simone N. Niquille or make Pixel Selfies with iron-on beads.

For grown-ups:


  • RSVP with this email template!
  • Price: sliding scale 15, 20, 30 per day. you will be sent a payment link after registration
  • Diner & snacks are included, bring your own lunch and drinks
  • Arrival possible on Friday afternoon/evening, departure latest Monday morning. 
  • The program is suitable for children. 

About the Location

Het Wilde Weg is located at: Hulst 20, 5492 SB Sint-Oedenrode, Netherlands

If you come by public transport here are some options:

  • NS train to Eindhoven OR NS train to Tilburg (about 1h on bike to location)
  • from Eindhoven or Tilburg > NS train to Boxtel (11min by car or 25min by bike to location)
  • BUS 203 from Boxtel station to Liempde Raadhuisplein (if you don't have a bike). Walk 30min to location
  • We will organise a pick up for people that can't or prefer not to walk or bike from Boxtel station or Liempde Raadhuisplein bus stop. Let us know in advance if possible. 

About MU Hybrid Art House & De Creatieve Code

MU Hybrid Art House is all about art in the broadest sense of the word. Together with mainly young makers and a broad, international audience, MU defines the liminal space between ‘what art is and what art can be’. MU is located in a former Philips factory at Strijp S in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

With Play&Learn, MU intends to offer audiences of all ages a playful introduction to art and visual culture and the latest creative technologies artists are using today. Development of the program starts often in the exhibition space.  By discussing the artworks (Socratic conversation, Visual Thinking Strategies) with all kinds of age groups, the MU team learns how artworks land with the public. How they are perceived and what works work particularly well for the different age groups.    Together with the artists and makers MU uses these insights to further develop these artworks into workshops, mobile installations or other activities. In this way the ideas and concepts travel outside the walls of the artspace to engage a wider variety of audiences with the perspectives of MU-makers. The developments in the realm of Art & Technology are likely to find their way to De Creatieve Code, a platform with workshops and educational materials for teachers of preliminary and high school education..   During the Summercamp the activities during the public days will offer participants a glimpse of the activities that MU offers and might provide an insight into the modus operandi wherein conversations in the exhibition, close encounters with makers and actively 

See also:  https://mu.nl https://decreatievecode.nl (in Dutch only)

Unruly Currents & Everyday Piracy

This year's theme invites to reflect on and actively reject predominant principles of our contemporary socio-technical reality such as "ownership", "property", "newness" and "innovation."  

Together we will explore what it means not to do new things and not to make new stuff and instead explore what is already there through methods of repair, reuse, regeneration, maintenance, continuation, invitation and documentation.  

As an inspiration we will take the social and political attitude of 'piracy'. We would like to explore the inter-generational imaginaries around piracy – as a verb – a practice that can be situated in p2p solidarity networks, autonomous squats, anti-capitalist climate care protests, autonomous tech cooperatives or  spontaneous illegal raves. Defiant as punks, resilient and inventive as hacktivists and tricksters, everyday piracy will orient us in navigating against the tide of the mainstream and subvert dominant digital and political paradigms. 

The leading questions will be: How can we imagine piracy as a opportunistic and simultaneously generous practice, that prompts us to activate and nurture a culture of co-ownership, co-authorship, mutual respect and accountability? How can doing so help us restore and increase the energetic potential of the communities (human and non-human) and environments we are connected to?  

H&D proposes to engage in processes of reclaiming, reusing, redistributing, copying, studying and changing, thus learning from and with technical objects, all the while reflecting on their origins. 

"Acting is not that different from thinking, because one has to situate the action. The meaning of action is relative to your position, and if your position is as a number, a percentage looking vaguely for a job, a pawn in the great funereal game of the totalitarian marketplace, it’s in your interest to act like a pirate. From this arises an everyday piracy, one which can be easily shared. We’d have to make a list of microgestures capable of interrupting the signal, of creating a local disruption of the network, of piercing the dominant ideology so that it spills out through its foundations. What happens next, we’ll see. We’ll invent it collectively."

— Nous Sommes Partout, "Everyday Piracy" https://www.noussommespartout.org/en/everyday-piracy/

This year’s camp graphic design is made by HDSC2023 alumni Michael Fowler!

The typeface in use is Les Ouvrières by Laure Azizi.

This program is made possible with the kind support of Stimuleringsfonds.