Mapping Typologies

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Mapping Typologies
Name Mapping Typologies
Location Het Wilde Weg
Date 2024/07/17
Time 10:00—12:30
PeopleOrganisations AtelierNL, MU
Type HDSC2024
Web Yes
Print No

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In this workshop you will explore the campsite by examining the soil! Join an expedition, to discover a world of unexpected patterns and special stories. By zooming in and focusing on specific qualities and elements found in each environment, you will begin to discover new things about the area around Het Wilde Weg. MU educators will guide you in mapping, grouping and arranging your discoveries. Which surprising patterns can you find? Everyone collects and organizes materials in a unique way. What does that say about how you view the world and your interests? Each collection reveals as much about the collector as it does about the area.

This workshop was developed by AtelierNL in collaboration with MU.