Workshop: A Circulation of Circuits

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Workshop: A Circulation of Circuits
Name Workshop: A Circulation of Circuits
Location De PUNT
Date 2017/03/11
Time 11:00-18:00
PeopleOrganisations Martijn van Boven, Noortje van Eekelen, Doeke Wartena
Type Meetup
Web Yes
Print No


Workshop & discussion – reflecting on the possibility of personalised currency, its digital implementation and physical characteristics

Circulation of Circuits is a research driven initiative by Martijn van Boven, Noortje van Eekelen and Doeke Wartena, together with collective support from an international group of experts from different fields. The initiative aims to develop new perspective on the current European financial system. Reflecting on the possibility to personalise and customise currency, the group investigates the topic of money and its assigned value. The goal of this initiative is to launch a redefined and independent currency that, by innovative means, can integrate into the everyday reality of the citizen.

This one-day workshop session is meant for designers who are interested in becoming part of the development and launch of a redefined (speculative) monetary system. During the workshop participants prototype a fictional currency, explore the creation of digital value and its assignment to a physical object. In the end of the workshop each participant gets their work saved onto the compact high performance computer, which they can later use to trade. Unlike contemporary European currency, the location of this monetary unit can be tracked by connecting to the internet through API's. In a financial system of such kind it would be possible to track the physical movement of currency, its location and exchange rate, which makes it different from a conventional bank account.

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