Self-Driving Car in Basel

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Self-Driving Car in Basel
Name Self-Driving Car in Basel
Location FHNW, Basel
Date 2020/02/17-2020/02/21
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PeopleOrganisations Hackers & Designers
Type Meetup
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Hackers & Designers were invited to take part in a week workshop at Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW, Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Institut Industrial Design in Basel.

During this workshop we aim to create an opportunity to collectively investigate the technologies in and around the self-driving car, discuss and investigate the ethical and philosophical questions deriving from our reliance on technology today; all the while engaging in the process of making a self-made self-driving car. The hands-on and experimental approach to learning therefore stays the focus throughout the investigation.

The world is changing with a fast pace and the self-driving car is one example of how our city landscapes will change drastically. It is hard to grasp and predict as technology is accelerating how it will influence the way we live together. add one sentence about corporate development and citizen awakening As nomadic urban dwellers we inevitably have some relation to cars. We can however only imagine what the consequences of an implementation of autonomous vehicles could be, and for the time being only create a hypothetical roadmap of how those rolling robots will inhabit, drive and influence our environment. Although speculating on the impact of the self-driving car is very important it remains difficult to imagine how the wide-ranging challenges around the question of implementing the self-driving car will be solved. However by opening up the conversation we attempt to point at, discuss and understand issues that might arise–in a public and inclusive manner.

Split in group the students will design self driving cars that opens up discussions about one or more etchical issues that this new technology is implying. Each group will build a donkey car, train it to a circuit, design its shell and race against each other in a universe designed for the cars. The making of the car will include small electronics, the use of rasberry pis and pi cameras and machine learning. You will use the school workshops to develop the shell of the car according to your design choices as well as relevant elements for the communal circuit/ universe all your cars will race in.


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