Cruising The Map by Lucas LaRochelle

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Who maps the world? How is physical space produced, and who does it serve? Whose histories are remembered and whose are erased? How can experimental cartographic practices be used to reorder and reimagine the ways in which space is produced and experienced? The act of counter-mapping inevitably takes up the question of what constitutes ‘truth’, and in doing so points to the power dynamics at play in epistemological regimes, particularly in relation to space, architecture and urban planning.

The following pages are a selection of the outcomes from the Cruising The Map workshop. Participants set out to map the location of the Summer Academy, De Bonte Zwaan, using frottage as a means through which to record spatial data from a subjective and embodied perspective. Cruising The Map explored how we can reveal the multiple perspectives from which one inhabits, relates to, and thus creates space. How can we map a particular environment as a collective, without appealing to the objective modes of knowledge production often used in the construction of maps? How might we sense both the hidden and emergent histories of a given location in order to create a map that considers the multiplicity of forces that have shaped, and continue to shape, our experience of a place?

The workshop began with a brief presentation of my project, Queering The Map, a community-generated counter-mapping project of queer feeling in relation to place. The project was positioned as an example of the potentials of counter-mapping in the development of alternative understandings of space, with a focus on how these practices may be mobilized to imagine alternative futures. Queering The Map points toward a queer methodology of space that uses the body to form alternative relationships to the environments that we inhabit. This is with the aim of moving beyond the individual and towards an intersubjective understanding of space that may be better equipped to contend with forces beyond the human. The theoretical underpinnings of the workshop were grounded in a collective reading of Moira Hille’s essay Cruising As, which draws on the queer socio-sexual practice of cruising to develop a methodology of commoning public space that opens up new spaces of relation and interpretation. In the essay, she cites a passage from the programme of Commoning The City, a summer school that ran at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in 2014, which particularly resonated with my concerns. The passage reads:

“We want to look at cruising as a practice of decentralized collective creation. We see it as a practice that allows occupying and commoning specific spaces in the city. It is a mode of acting together without assimilating the subjective desires into the common act. We want to learn from cruising and use it as a tool to understand and critique commoning and its processes of identification and group formation within urban spaces.”[1]

With these ideas in mind, we set out to collectively ‘cruise’ the location of the Summer Academy using frottage and stream of consciousness writing as our counter-mapping tools as a means through which to record spatial data from a subjective and embodied perspective. The aim of these practices was to employ cruising as a methodology through which to develop a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the location in which we gathered, and the various actors, histories and forces at play in the space. This publication is the result of our process. While flipping through the following pages, I invite you to consider the following questions:

How far can we travel together when we are unsure of the direction? What new encounters are possible when we resist the definition of a final destination? Where does cruising take us?

Frottage1.jpg Is it necessary to say anything more about grids?

Frottage.jpg Solid. Strong. Tool. Melted Solid. Melting. Heated and Poured. You could walk on a floating office while running your fingers on multiple solid surfaces. The paint is coated. Where is the end? It continues without being present. The solid surfaces belong to each other, yet they deliver in their professions.

Frottage2.jpg Moving, cruising, being in continuous relation. Borders dissolving—vibrating lines, the water is wet and fluid weaving along new lines

Frottage3.jpg This is a frottage of a ‘Schachtelhalm’. I remember my dad telling me about it. It’s a living fossil. When working in the coal mines as part of the forced labour he had to do in the ČSSR, he would come across petrified versions of it, which were huge. Massive logs tens of meters long with reptile-like skin. The huge ancestors of this plant, their remains, make up the majority of stone coal. My dad also used these leaves for making tea. Apparently it is good for the urine and the prostate. When I see it, I always think of my dad, and of times millions of years ago.

Frottage5.jpg When looking at a shaded relief of the elevations of a mountain range that you or I don’t know by shape, I start to see it as its negative. Mountains become valleys and canyons. How is it that the frottage of a small piece of ground can look like the digital elevation model of land masses as seen under ideal conditions by an omnipotent observer in space? Writing this I notice that I am not at a specific location again. Yet I often wonder/wander off to places in my head. I guess you could call them ideas. Do I carry these ideas or are they carrying me? Isn’t a home that is just in your head better than no home at all? And ‘real’ homes often disappoint. One remembers them in a certain way, but on return finds them changed. This is disempowering.

Frottagd4.jpg The map is not fixed, or at least it does not have to be a fixed Cartesian grid. If you move the map and your orientation while you are making it, new forms can appear. A collage made of the available patterns that together can be assembled and mobilized through a new configuration. Try turning while you are moving. Like this: combining the floor with the radiator. It’s so hot, what do we need a radiator for now?


Cruising is also sailing against the wind and this is a rubbing against the grain, turning, turning, bringing the screens closer to each other, much closer.

Frottage7.jpg If you stay in the bath for too long you will get raisin fingers all wrinkled which is something from the lines of aging and the scars of wounds. Not all wrinkles can be undone. Not all maps have a territory.

Frottage8.jpg Is this a map, or a trace of movement? And what would be the difference? The energy of the movement? Does it get lost after it stops?

Frottage10.jpg How far can we travel together when we are unsure of the direction? What new worlds are possible when we resist the definition of a final destination? Where does cruising take us?

[1] Hille, Moira, ‘Cruising As’ in Spaces of Commoning, Annette Baldauf, Stefan Gruber, Moira Hille, Annette Kraus, Vladimir Miller, Mara Verlič, Hong-Kai Wang, Julia Wieger (Publication Series of The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Sternberg Press, 2016), 75

Neural Network Text


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