BodyBuilding live stream

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BodyBuilding live stream
Name Budget BodyBuilding live stream
Owner Margarita Osipian
Hours 18
Budget Stimuleringsfonds and AFK
Period April - May 2020

This budget is for extra costs that were related to the building and the running of the Hackers & Designer's live stream, particularly in relation to the collaboration with The Hmm and the Tetem exhibition BodyBuilding. The live stream is currently hosted on this page:

The costs are the following: 1. Developing and design implementation of the live stream by André Fincato. The livestream building process can be found in more detail on Github: The full process was a total of four days of work, two of which were covered by the original exhibition budget. The two extra days were not originally budgeted, but were necessary to get the livestream running and ready for the online events. COST: 2 days of work @ 320/day = €640 total

2. Running of the livestream via OBS and OBS Ninja for the BodyBuilding event on June 24, 2020 by Marco Wessels We hired Marco as an external person to run the livestream for us, using the H&D livestream website. COST: 2 hours of work @75/hr = €150


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