Websites Fabulations

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Websites Fabulations
Name Websites Fabulations
Location Het Wilde Weg
Date 2024/07/22-2024/07/23
Time 14:00-17:00, 10:00-13:00
PeopleOrganisations Doriane Timmermans
Type HDSC2024
Web Yes
Print No

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The Web Fabulations workshop proposes to create cross-websites fictions of what an alternative web could be like, applying a new cascading stylesheets (CSS) simultaneously to every websites. Those fictions could be like: a web where you see only one DOM element at time, a web where every interactions make sounds, a web where the weather influences webpages, a web that scroll in other directions than top to bottom, a web where images are all in one spot.

  • duration: 1 day that can be organised in a very flexible manner. mostly divided into a morning activity and an afternoon activity.
  • number of participants:
  • Every group can be between 4 and 6 persons.
  • materials / tools: 1 computer per group is needed, however as 5 lines of CSS can remove all images or changes the interactions of the whole web, conversations are prioritized over writting intricate code on our screens. every groups need to pick a small space where they will discuss, as well a a common space to meet all together and share what we did.

Doriane is a developer, designer and artist, with a particular interest in the crafts of designing with language. She likes to think about systems and automatised processes as sensible media. She loves to create weirdly shaped tools that question our ways of doing. She is part of Open Source Publishing since 2021, where she makes websites, conversations and experiment with the blurry edges of HTML & CSS as a poetic medium and textual material. She is now coordinating Declarations, the research you're currently reading about. = "a website emptied of its content keeping all the div with border inset, alongside title website fabulation"

The websites fabulations workshop has already been experimented but in a classroom/teacher setup, in the belgium artschool "le 75", and only on Wikipedia as a test zone. Documentation of that can be found here: