Solidarity with Palestine

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Hackers & Designers stands in full solidarity with the Palestinian people and their ongoing struggle for self-determination and liberation from the oppressive colonial State of Israel and its Western supporters.

The Zionist apartheid regime, the murder of thousands of innocent civilians in Gaza and the West Bank, the destruction of religious sanctuaries and vital civilian infrastructures, the forced displacement of thousands of Palestinians, the suppression of fuel, water, electricity and medical supplies, and the weaponization of civilian death, fear and grief must end now.

Supporting Palestinian liberation stands by no means in opposition to acknowledging the violence caused by the attack of Hamas. We grieve the deaths and kidnapping of Israeli civilians and stand in solidarity with their families and friends.

We also refuse to see what has unfolded since October 7th divorced from the violent colonial history and occupation of Palestine since 75 years.

We are asking ourselves 'How can we care for one another and the (international) communities we consider ourselves part of?’ We believe its vital to continue checking in with each other, and resist the polarisation that we see working its way into our communities. Simplistic dichotomies and easy conflations between the zionist state of Israel with Judaism or Israeli citizenship, between Hamas and Palestinian civilians, bring us further away from locating and understanding the root of this systematic violence and our own implication in it. We urge everyone within the H&D cosmos to stay in touch and in solidarity with one another, and refuse shortcuts.

We are critical of the state of Israel as much as we are of our own governements that finance and justify, thus reinforce colonial violence.

This statement has evolved alongside discussions amongst H&D – a group of people who hold different positionalities. We took time to talk, read, exchange resources, ask questions,... and we decided to share this statement to stand in solidarity with all people who are facing arrests and violence for expressing solidarity.

As a community committed to education as a collective endeavour and one of self-actualization, H&D would like to offer a list of resources we have read and discussed leading up to and during the Global Solidarity strike of October 20:


This (growing) list of resources has been composed by members of the H&D collective as we found ourselves shocked and saddened by the suffering our friends and peers are currently enduring, and the lack of actionable responses from our governments. As an attempt to educate ourselves and engage in conversations with each other across our different positionalities, we started gathering and discussing these resources together.


News coverage can be quite disorienting. Western news channels are reproducing oppressive colonial rethorics. Social media, while amplifying many unheard voices, is owned by extractivist Big Tech companies, that further reproduce colonial violence. Twitter is not actively fighting misinformation [1], Instagram injects the word "terrorist" into Palestinian users' bios [2], and Facebook blocks profiles left and right with no justification whatsoever [3].

We recommend considering independent media platforms that are not owned by social media platforms and big tech. Listen to voices from within Palestine; news channels and reporters in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, testimonies from displaced families, Palestinian historical archives, and so on. Amplifying these voices is another important strategy.

  • Al Jazeera for live updates. They have journalists reporting from inside Gaza, The West Bank, Israeli (Occupied Palestinian) Territories, Jerusalem, south Lebanon and West Jordan. They are factual and exact in their reporting but also clearly leaning in the direction of support for palestinian liberation in their approach to journalism. They are funded by the Qatari Government.

Al Jazeera could be censored by Israel after passing of new "emergency" legislation in Israel on October 20th, which gives the government the power to ban any media that poses a threat to the saftey of the country.


Films / programs





We would like to propose direct collective political action: Occupy public space, join protests, demand de-escalation and ceasefire, write to your governments to demand sanctions and absolve support for the Israeli military, contact people around you and talk about the need for Palestinian liberation, at work, during dinner with your housemates, with your family. We understand that this is a demanding conversation for many, but we'd like to encourage sitting with the discomfort.

Humanitarian aid is slowly trickling in, consider donating to:

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