So if you are so smart...

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So if you are so smart...
Name So if you are so smart...
Location De PUNT
Date 2014/01/23
Time 19:00
PeopleOrganisations Moniker, Emilio Moreno
Type Meetup
Web Yes
Print No

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A night of collaborative acts and cryptocurrency

Part 1: "The Growing Pains of Collaborative Type Design II", workshop by Moniker

So smart.jpg

Part 2: De Punt's Bitcoin cash register launch

Soup for 3€ or 0,0049 ฿* Beer for 2€ or 0,0033 ฿*

  • Bitcoin beer price based on the rate of january 14th 2014

Part 3: "Other Issues: Currency delimiting Sovereignty" a talk by Emilio Moreno – a Spanish artist, based in Amsterdam and Madrid, who researches the the history of money and alternative currencies.

So smart 1.jpg