RIBL dinner

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RIBL dinner
Name RIBL dinner
Location De Bonte Zwaan
Date 2018/07/25
Time 19:00-21:00
PeopleOrganisations RIBL
Type HDSA2018
Web Yes
Print No


The Research Institute for Botanical Linguistics was founded at HSDA in 2017. We question knowledge production and truthmaking that is “all too human”[1]

We organised a plant-centered dinner. Together we looked into ways of making the non-human as contributors to knowledge production. What does it take to shift the human perspective to plants? What language and tools are needed to connect with botanicals? While eating plants we discussed, made sketches, prototypes that enable us to shift the perspective and tune in to the world of botanicals.

Plantsinpplephone.gif Search your phone library for photos of plants. What is their position in the frame? What is your relation to them?

1. We borrow the expression: "All too human" of one of Rosi Braidotti´s lecture title: Posthuman, All Too Human, Rosi Braidotti (2017, May) Posthuman, All Too Human. Lecture given at Durham University as part of the Durham Castle Lectures Series 2016/17

The plant dance