Public program: Summer talks and summer party

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Public program: Summer talks and summer party
Name Public program: Summer talks and summer party
Location De PUNT
Date 2015/08/07
Time 18:00-00:00
PeopleOrganisations Jeremy Bailey, Ramon Amaro, Rosa Menkman, Stëfan Schäfer
Type HDSA2015
Web Yes
Print Yes

Watch the HDSA2015 public program

About Bugs Bots and Bytes – H&D Summer Talks & Summer Party

In addition to participants workshops, Hackers & Designers has invited cross-disciplinary speakers from around the world to take the participants and the public into a deeper conversation around topics, which have arose in a modern digital society. Anyone and everyone was invited to join the H&D Summer Talks on Friday, 7 August 2015, an evening of discussion around algorithmic work, life and death. The speakers presented an informed evening offering insights and diverse perspectives into their research, professional and artistic practices, but all the while maintaining the satirical and humorous approach of Hackers & Designers.

Program H&D Summer Talks 2015
Stëfan Schäfer about Summer Talks: (Un)willingly Memorialized — Images and the dead in the Digital Age
Watch Stefan's talk:

Jeremy Bailey on Gestural Interfacing

Ramon Amaro on Summer Talks: Training and the problem of data
Watch Ramon's talk:

Rosa Menkman on Discrete Cosine Transform
Watch Rosa's talk:

H&D Summer Party, music by:

- DJ Nudist Looters
- DJ Boris Becker
- DJ Toby
- Summer Academy participants: VJ Lucian & Vincent

H&D Summer Talks introduction
H&D Summer Talks Stefan Schäfer
H&D Summer Talks Stefan Schäfer
H&D Summer Talks Jeremy Bailey
H&D Summer Talks Ramon Amaro
H&D Summer Talks Rosa Menkman