Odd Stay: Residency Meetup

From Hackers & Designers
Odd Stay: Residency Meetup
Name Odd Stay: Residency Meetup
Location Weerdjesstraat 8, Arnhem
Date 2017/05/13
Time 19:00-22:00
PeopleOrganisations Hackers & Designers, Oddstream, Kunstlab
Type Meetup
Web Yes
Print No


Chatbot character design workshop during the Odd Stay residency

During the month of April Hackers & Designers did a two week artist in residence Odd Stay via Nijmegen's Oddstream. The concept of this workshop is fitted within the context of a greater installation H&D and KunstLAB are preparing for the exhibition in October.

This public hackshop was dedicated to ELIZA – 1960's era chatbot, developed by Joseph Weinzebaum at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. One of the first chatbots, ELIZA was designed to simulate a human-like conversation, based on processing user responses to scripts. During the workshop participants were invited to break open and modify ELIZA bot in order to create and develop their own chatbot characters.