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Dialogue as reflection

I stand in the middle of two worlds, two systems, two walls, trying to start a dialogue between them. Although the eastern and the western differ greatly in the level of economic development and a culture background, this is only the superficial. The invisible, the essence of the world, is the people all over the world long for peace, better lives, happiness, etc. What is the role of the designers? They are bridges to overcome the culture differences. They are like the water, without weapons, without wars, without blood, but who will overcome the strong in the end. Dialogue is an important means of communication. I prefer to be a visual translator and culture intermediary in a multi-cultural era. Dialogue is a way of mutual understanding, which is also a medium. Dialogue happens between person to person, object to object, nature to nature. Dialogue happens in different kinds of media spaces, we can find something in common, like water flows freely, to share information, to achieve nothing but balance.