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In a global media saturated environment, access to information rather confuses perceptions and contributes to creation of clustered ‘bubbles’ of information. Different news sources from around the world present their own perspective to any given audience. Location based news, due to covering the issue from certain political angle, do not usually provide the real picture.

After sharing the information, curated & distributed it contributes to the creation of an “echo chamber” (David Byrne) where our perspectives are shaped by our networks. By perceiving world through different media streams we get different pictures on current world issues.

Shaping perspectives in mazes of media messages led to the creation of a fictional news generator from the most established news sources of the world. Questioning the real value/credibility of information we are presented with by shuffling and destroying original contexts.

Note: Any resemblance to actual events or actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.