Livestream website updates 2021-04

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Livestream website updates 2021-04
Name Livestream website updates 2021-04
Owner André Fincato
Hours 11
Budget Stimuleringsfonds
Categories 25% development
Period April 2021

As part of going improvements of the livestream website, this round of changes will do the following:

  • improvement on the username UX (users get confused and enter their comment into the ‘name’ part of the chat when they first start chatting)
  • wrap URLs or long words to a new line
  • open links in the chat to a new tab / page
  • compile all URLs shared in the chat during a stream, and create a downloadable HTML page with this list of references; make this accessible through a new tab in the chat box

Budgeted hours: 8

Performed hours: 11.

Final amount: 11 * EUR 40 = EUR 440.

This amount should be equally split between H&D and The Hmm.

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