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Echo: ‘Are you sure you want to create this?’

     -bash: raspberrypi dhcpcd[2537]: exited

Echo: ‘They say you find solutions to certain problems, is that so?’


Echo: ‘Are you more attracted to facts than to fiction?’

     -bash: Received packet from invalid interface.

Echo: ‘Are you more attracted to data than to feelings?’

     -bash: uart-pl011 dev:f1: no DMA platform data

Echo: ‘Can you even feel things?’

     -bash: failed with error -2

Echo: ‘Where is the real body of your interest?’

     -bash: DHCPNAK(wlan0) 7c:d1:c3:82:72:e8 wrong address

Prototyping and programming were slightly destroying my brain during this workshop. I tried to figure out what Terminal [1] and Python [2] were about. I tried and played with coding but most of the time the only replies these programmes gave me, were errors. Frustrating! But I turned this frustration around and started to collect all my errors. Together with this, I also collected all sort of questions I wanted to ask these programmes, accompanied by some random questions that were going through my mind at that time.

The result is a conversation between a human being (called "Echo") and a computer programme (called "-bash"). Echo keeps on asking -bash questions. -bash gives answers in the form of errors. Frustrating! In space, the conversation is accompanied by a really irritating sound, that is played everytime that -bash answers by giving an error. You are free to use the code that is written for this conversation!

Lien Van Leemput [3]


import pygame

import time

questions = [

  "Echo: Are you sure you want to create this?",

  "Echo: They say you find solutions to certain problems, is that so?",

  "Echo: Are you more attracted to facts than to fiction?",


answers = [

  "-bash: raspberrypi dhcpcd[2537]: exited",


  "-bash: Received packet from invalid interface.",


i = 0
while True:
  index = i % len(questions) - 1
  print questions[index]

  print answers[index]


  while == True:



  i += 1