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Black Skin White Masks

Peau Noire, Masques Blancs is a seminal text written by Frantz Fanon published in 1952, a sociological study of the psychology of racism and dehumanisation inherent in the context of colonial domination. Revolving around concepts of dependency and inadequacy, the work delved into the impact of the coloniser's cultural traits and their posterior re-appropriation by the colonised, examining the consequences this period had on their individual and collective identities.

Excerpts of the text are presented here in a loop, and overlaid with images that relate to the subject, randomly juxtaposing contemporary, sourced links within this topic. Rather than assuming the immediate reading of the subject of racism and racial clash, the text and images deal with the residue of this particular period in history in the behaviour and the psique of this particular social context.

João Roxo