Hackers & Designers Coop process

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H&D COOP platform (beginning 2018):

executed and in use 2018-2019

Proposed and developed by James: Documentation: Hackers & Designers Coop


H&D COOP platform update:

Proposal by André: Hackers & Designers Coop update I

never executed

H&D COOP platform (beginning 2020):

Alternative COOP platform: Spreadsheet and templates created by VIncent abd further maintained by the whole collective but mainly by Anne (working on admin for H&D) keeping an overview.

Coop project example:


Coop budget overview 2019:


All projects 2019:

Coop-tab-line-01.png Coop-tab-line-02.png Coop-tab-line-03.png Coop-tab-line-04.png Coop-tab-line-05.png