Get the Font and Zine Karaoke

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Get the Font and Zine Karaoke
Name Get the Font and Zine Karaoke
Location De PUNT
Date 2015/11/19
Time 19:00
PeopleOrganisations Hackers & Designers, Arjan Scherpenisse
Type Meetup
Web Yes
Print No

Get the Font

Momentary Zine installation: Make your own zine by speaking into the mic

The event started with a presentation of the H&D webpage, and continued with an open mic session, introducing the Momentary Zine project. Momentary Zine is an open publishing station, exploring the temporality of a printed matter. At this publishing station everyone is invited to co-create and examine editorial design matters such as cross-media publishing. By using a thermal (receipt) printer, visitors could become a subject of accumulating a publication and to provide content for the zine.

Thermo print has the characteristic of temporality, as it vanishes after a while. By hacking the printer software we captured the temporality and the actuality of the event and printed matter as such. The zine content was exclusively accumulated by visitors, speaking into a microphone. Spoken words were translated into a text with the use of a text-to-speech technology. Simultaneously with the text-to-speech conversion, another algorithm ran an automated image search on Google, using randomly selected words to search for pictures. Both words and pictures were printed assembled into a zine and printed on the spot.

The installation was followed by an essential conversation about the font scraping, where Arjan Scherpenisse and Eric Holm presented Get The Font, a platform created by scraping GitHub.