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Free Wiki was launched last year 21-23 July 2017, as a tool for the FREE design educators workshop initiated by Workshop Project (Jessica Wexler and Yasmin Khan). This year they will keep using it in the second edition, taking place in San Fransisco

Workshop Project Wiki was designed and developed in June 2017 for Workshop Project as an experiment in design education by Anja Groten and André Fincato from Hackers & Designers –using DokuWiki– an open source, wiki software that doesn't require a database, using a clean and readable markdown syntax. Workshop Project Wiki (WPW) is a growing archive of radical and experimental proposals for design education, curricula and pedagogy.

The Structure

Editors can read, edit and create articles and use the embedded note pad, a real-time collaborative editing tool that comes with every article. The combination of wiki articles and note pads offers an infrastructure to collaborate on writing syllabi, resource lists, manifestos, curricula, etc. The note pads can be used to draft, brainstorm and set agendas. The wiki articles offer a more elaborate form of editing, and can be used to finalize and structure text as well as add media such as images and videos.

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