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    1. Run this script as bot with following command:
  1. cat bot | python -u ircpipebot.py --server botnet.local --channel "#botnet" --nickname fembot | python -u fembot.py > bot
  2. make sure you have the fifo-file bot (command to create: mkfifo bot) + ircpipebot.py in the same folder

import sys

  1. infinite loop that takes the last message of the chat

while True:

   words_of_4 = []
   message = sys.stdin.readline()
   if message == :
   # take out blank line
   message = message.rstrip()
   # print message
   # transformation of the message
   ## split the message in a list of words, break on spaces between words
   words = message.split(" ")
   # print words
   ## find the nickname in the message and strip of the colon
   nick = words[1]
   #print nick
   nick = nick.rstrip(":")
   #print nick
   ## loop that checks each word in the list, words with 4 characters are saved in separate list
   for word in words:
       if len(word) == 4:
   ## check length of new list, if more than 2 -> send message
   if len(words_of_4) >= 2:
       sentence = "interesting " + nick + " is a very wise woman."
       print sentence