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Name EdibleComputing
Location Mediamatic
Date 2017/08/10-2017/08/11
Time 10:00-18:00
PeopleOrganisations Dennis de Bel
Type HDSA2017
Web Yes
Print No

Dennis de Bel hosted a one and a half day workshop in which the participants created an edible computer network infrastructure and preferably a great soup. Besides soldering simple hardware, the participants received an introduction into encoding and modulating data into various formats suitable for transmission over precarious networks. The workshop got them to master basic techniques and tactics to build and use networks made from organic matter but not limited to edible media and applicable to a wide field of interests, be it sound, music, performance, cooking, life.


Institute for botanical linguistics #plants #liguistics #laughingtogetherwithyoursalad

Transmit om sound through 136Hz bodies

sending mantras by building own speaker that resonates on 136Hz? So, if 136.1 Hz is the OM tone, why? Is it based directly on something quantifiable in nature, such as the cosmic background noise, Kepler’s Harmony of the Spheres, or the Schumann Resonances (the constant rumble within the Earth’s ionosphere created by lightning strikes)? Interestingly, while 136.1 Hz is between a C and C# using standard concert pitch (A = 440 Hz), it is precisely a C# when A is tuned to 432 Hz. #spirituality #radio #transmission

Audio/music steganography

Minimodem synth. Now reverse: use minimodem as a synth, to play along with the music. #sound #invertedpurpose

Train noise

Reacting on certain frequencies and translating into words. #words #meaning #nosense #patatkip

Android camera + flashlight = morse code

messaging #therewillbelight #encyption

Feeding Twitter feed into minimodem #twitter #feedme #alwayshungry

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