DOCUSPLICE 2023 - The Hacked Orchestra

From Hackers & Designers
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An album cover made of seemingly meaningless crayon markings scribbled across a blank page. Text on the cover reads: DOCUSPLICE 2023 - The Hacked Orchestra. And in the bottom right corner a description: The Hacked Orchestra is a sound/noise-based project initiated by ghenwa noiré in collaboration with Hackers and Designers. Docusplice is an audioscape made from a series of jamming sessions that were conducted following Hacked Orchestra workshops.
Album cover for DOCUSPLICE 2023, made by ghenwa noiré in collaboration with all HDSC 2023 participants.

The Hacked Orchestra was a series of activities that explores the possibilities of forging meaningful interpersonal relationships in times of crisis through the intimate processes of collectively foraging analog acoustic materials, building experimental electronic music instruments and collectively jamming together.

DOCUSPLICE gathers excerpts of noise and silence recorded during this series of activities and compiles them into an audioscape.



ghenwa noiré, vo ezn, Loes Bogers, swummoq, Karl Moubarak, Selby Gildermaker, Görkem Arıkan, Paula Montecinos Oliva and every workshop participant!

Many thanks to SoundLAB for supporting and collaborating on this project, Sonic Acts for co-curating the line-ups, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and Stimuleringsfonds for supporting the activities and all participants of the Hacked Orchestra workshops for always making the noise noisier.