From Hackers & Designers
Name DIWO(Draw-It-With-Others)
Location Het Wilde Weg
Date 2024/07/16-2024/07/24
Time 09:00-09:30
PeopleOrganisations Chae & Kamo
Type HDSC2024
Web Yes
Print No

20 DIWO.png

Draw-It-With-Others takes the act of drawing as a way to nourish plots, imaginations, prototypes, expressions, exchanges, and reflections. Every morning, it will be open to the public at a designated spot with some breakfast and drawing materials. Participants can stretch their body-mind around the topics of authorship, boundaries, and collectivity through a series of drawing prompts (while having coffee!).

Each morning there will be a "Drawing Prompt of the Day" distributed via the reciept printer. Here are the [semi-sorted] list of drawing prompts (in total 10!):

  • (1) D-R-A-W-I-T-H-O-E

a physical tool to work on iterative collaborative slow-pace lettering

  • (2) Line-Swap

cut-out activity to draw by (re)using parts of someone else's drawing

  • (3) Smartphone Camera Obscura ver. 1

tracing the screen of someone else's smartphone

  • (4) Smartphone Camera Obscura ver. 2

tracing the latest screenshot in your gallery

  • (5) SVG-Swap

digital tool to draw by (re)positioning strokes drawn by others

  • (6) Connect the dots!

digital tool that extracts points from SVGs and creates space to (re)connect the dots

  • (8) Performing Pen Plotting

collaborative activity to become a pen plotter

  • (9) Xquisite Branch

digital branching version of exquisite corpse https://draw-it-with-others.org/xquisite/

  • (10) Bonfire live drawing

drawing app for collaborative interactive live visuals

https://pzwiki.wdka.nl/mw-mediadesign/images/8/8d/Hdsc_set-up.jpg?20240605152146 Illustration of the DIWO set-up

  • duration: Every morning alongside the breakfast table for 10 days. The drawing itself can be done as you wish, like 1min or an hour(!!!)
  • number of participants: Not-fixed; Open for eveyone who wants to have breakfast together and draw
  • materials / tools:
  • Breakfast Table: coffee machine, breakfast materials (fruits, yogurt, croissant etc)
  • Drawing Table: pen and paper, scissors, reciept printer connected to the laptop,

(Most digital drawing activities are smartphone friendly!, we can bring the receipt printer and some drawing tools.)

  • what do participants need to prepare: curious minds and their presence