Archeological excavation: Solar-Common Computing

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Archeological excavation: Solar-Common Computing
Name Archeological excavation: Solar-Common Computing
Location H&D Studio
Date 2024/03/15
Time 17:00
PeopleOrganisations slvi.e & clitch
Type Launch event
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From the digital ruins, we unearthed an old forum frozen in time. Dust-covered usernames hint at those who once roamed these virtual halls. Each post is a fossilized thought, a piece of a community that once thrived here. Our challenge now is not only to understand these conversations but also to reconstruct their context and the sentiments of those who once participated in this cybernetic agora: an exercise in digital archaeology. Navigating through the threads of the forum, we’ll try to piece them back together, repairing the broken links, missing images, and references to websites that no longer exist — reminders of the impermanence of the digital realm.

Join us on the 15th of March at the H&D studio for a unique voyage into the remnants of this enigmatic website.

Bring your laptop if you can.

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This project has been generously supported by Stimuleringsfonds.