From Hackers & Designers
Location De PUNT
Date 2014/07/28
Time 19:00
PeopleOrganisations Hackers & Designers
Type Meetup
Web Yes
Print No

ASCII Nostalgia

An evening of dot matrix printer nostalgia

ASCII Art refers to text based images popularized in the late 1980’s on the new personal computers, dialup billboard services, and the early internet. During the event Hackers & Designers offered the opportunity to resurrect 5.25” floppy disks full of ASCII cartoon characters or ASCII porn and taught participants how to create own (master)pieces via automatic translation of PNGs or JPEGs to ASCII (or even create works manually, character by character).

A line-feed dot matrix printer was provided, so everyone could print their works...very loudly...very it was 1989 all over again.

Truly seasoned dot matrix printer users can also create sound or music:

Ascii print.png