'I AM YOU' Being Connected By Being with DDDUG

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'I AM YOU' Being Connected By Being with DDDUG
Name 'I AM YOU' Being Connected By Being with DDDUG
Location De Bonte Zwaan
Date 2022/07/21-2022/07/22
Time 10:00-18:00
PeopleOrganisations DDDUG
Type HDSA2022
Web Yes
Print No

Is 'I' really unique and disconnected? It may not be true that we are separate or disconnected beings in the first place. This workshop practices the possibilities of diluting, replicating, concentrating or transmitting one's being. First, identify one unique situational marker that characterizes your existence. This mark is a secret of your own, but choose something that you think you might be able to tell someone. If you do not want to work with your own being, it is also possible to find markers in objects, animals, plants and natural objects that exist around you. You explain this situational marker to the other participants. This workshop has a worldview of 'mark is existence'. So, the person to whom the mark is transmitted has received a part of the other person's existence. Markers are correlated through location. For example, the sound of rain coming from the window on the right of your room could be the same as the dripping sound of a coffee dripper placed on the right side of the table elsewhere. The moment you discover this marker, you receive the presence of the marker's provider. While receiving, focus on what you feel. When the reception is complete, you record the location where the mark was received and notify the person who diluted the presence, with a statement and a record that the presence was sent. These records are accumulated and become evidence that the existence of the marker provider has escaped the boundaries of 'I'. You may discover markers, but it is also possible to deliberately trigger certain markers. Repeated reception of beings may disturb your own being, 'I'. Dilution of Existence is a dreadful endeavour, but it can also be a good thing. The more we can send or receive 'I', the more it will become clear that we are never disconnected by nature, we are always connected.

W1 dddug-4.jpg

Image Description: Grid-like structure with pink glow and the words 塊 (Katamari) and NEWS. In the center a rectangular image with one person showing the part of the chopsticks paper. Three red dots are printed on the end of the paper, and dots are drawn in a triangular form.

The photos those days were taken by Sophie Allerding and Lina von Jaruntowski for Radio Echo

Listen back to that workshop's reflection by Radio Echo

~About DDDUG~

'Dot Dot Dot' can mean a variety of things: dot to dots, constellations, forest, the fediverse, electronic circuits, soundscapes and ellipsis. An ellipsis is a 'blank' that someone has to fill in, a 'silence' that is a time when people stay calm and listen, and an 'indescribable' meaning that it cannot be described in words. We believe that (non-verbal/non-human/the fediverse/queer) possibilities will be discovered through efforts to drift apart from the centrality of (verbal/human/the Internet/gender binary). The 'Dot Dot Dot User Group' is a group that plans, shares, and carries out personal/community-wise efforts that gradually relocate the foundation of our lives and existence onto decentralized/self-sustaining connections.