Talkshow: Baby can you drive my car

From Hackers & Designers
Talkshow: Baby can you drive my car
Name Talkshow: Baby, can you drive my car?
Location Frascati 3
Date 2017/05/20
Time 20:00-23:00
PeopleOrganisations Hackers & Designers, Waag Society, Frascati 15:15
Type Meetup
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self driving cartett

A Talk Show on the subject of self-driving cars and the ethical questions that come with independently driving vehicles.

Technology, as a vastly influential force in our daily lives, shapes our interactions with public spaces and each other; with policy making; and contributes to our exclusion of parts of society. Developers and designers play a key role in shaping our cohabitation. Things like the OV chip card, care robots, DigiD, the self-driving car, and code determines our behaviour and the way we interact with each other. Are developments like these unstoppable? Uncontrollable? Let’s find out!

Baby, can you drive my car? Talk Show is a second part of the collective exploration of the subject of self-driving cars, done by Hackers & Designers in collaboration with the Waag Society. During the first part workshop participants learned how to hack a remote-controlled car, turning it into an independently driving vehicle. The Talk Show followed the practical part by using the experience to touch the subject of our future coexistence with self-driving vehicles and intelligent machines: How comfortable we are with the idea of giving away control? What are the problematic aspects of developing a vehicle which doesn't require a human driver?

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