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6 September 2023

26 June 2023

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  • curprev 23:0123:01, 26 June 2023Juliette talk contribs 3,774 bytes +3,774 Created page with "{{Event |Name=Spit City |Location=Het Wilde Weg |Date=2023/07/23 |Time=14:00-18:00 |PeopleOrganisations=Elio J Carranza |Type=HDSC2023 |Web=Yes |Print=No }} File:12_spit city playthrough.jpg An experiential Pen&Paper game, Spit City is played with pen, paper, and dice. The ruleset is inclusive of queer trans*feminist and crip perspectives. It invites players to world a geography and their own in-game identity. The possibility of one collective identity with severa..."