Sound Mixing Bowl

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Sound Mixing Bowl
Name Sound Mixing Bowl
Location Internet
Date 2020/07/21-2020/07/23
Time 10:00-12:00
PeopleOrganisations Dianaband
Type HDSA2020
Web Yes
Print No

We are surrounded by sounds, and we live by making sounds. You and I can't hold hands through the Internet, but you can 'hold' the same thing and play with the same thing, that is 'Sound Mixing Bowl'!

Throughout the workshop, we want to create a sound mix web application. This web app will serve the sound-mixing page with your sounds. So, we want you to collect some sounds while participating in the workshop. You can record or acquire the sounds of your favorite spaces and events. After we put your sounds into the application, you can already start playing with it by pressing the buttons in the webpage that controls the sound mixer. You can start many soundtracks, stacking several, rotating some quickly, or slowing them down.

By the way, in fact, while you're doing a sound mix, other people watching your page can join the mix together. This is what I call 'Sound Mixing Bowl', which allows multiple people to simultaneously play a single webpage and perform a sound mix in a 'connected' sense to each other.

If a traditional web server was to display a web page and receive a user's input on the web page to display a new web page as a response, WebSocket, the base technology of the 'Sound Mixing Bowl', makes events that occur on the web page to be shared additionally. So, it is possible to send and receive things from time to time without refreshing the view. We will open a shared 'channel' on the web server and let web pages automatically 'login' to this channel to participate in a 'chat room', so that sound mixing bowl can become a shared instrument!

In fact, apart from making a working 'Sound Mixing Bowl' application, the created web app has to be properly registered and exposed on the Internet, so efforts are needed to make it accessible from the other side of the globe. However, we will be assisted by's freely available PaaS(Platform as a Service) to make these hurdles as simple as magic. ;)

Although we chose to get help from in order not to lose our interest, we can still use the 'Sound Mixing Bowl' web app even if we later create our servers.

So, that's it. See you in the workshop! :D

Sound mixing.jpg