Reimagining the future

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Reimagining the future
Name Reimagining the future
Location Internet
Date 2020/07/21
Time 14:00-19:00
PeopleOrganisations Laura Rosser, Karen Abadie, Molly Mcandrews
Type HDSA2020
Web Yes
Print No

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In this workshop, participants were invited to collectively engage in reimagining the future. Expanding and exploring our networks, online and offline, has never felt so significant in this time of uncertainty. The workshop distributed a new shared condition across systems, between bodies, and develop a collective future.


The questionable logic of wikiHow provides instructional content that is a subjective, temporal solution. WikiHow enables the public to modify and update content and presents a framework of open collaboration, as it is a collective work in progress of sorts. Participants worked at re-shaping and re-thinking uncertain times, through manipulating and exploring algorithmically reproduced instruction sets from wikiHow, that span between meaning and nonmeaning, logical and abstract thought. The instruction sets became a site of discussion and experimentation, coupled with collaborative writing, performance, video, installation, programming, drawing, appropriation and dialogue.