Make your own self-driving toy car

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Make your own self-driving toy car
Name Make your own self-driving toy car
Location The Grey Space in the Middle
Date 2017/09/22
Time 13:00-16:00
PeopleOrganisations Heerko van der Kooij, Selby Gildemacher
Type Meetup
Web Yes
Print No

Make your own self-driving car and follow a line with Hackers & Designers @ TodaysArt

Technology can be taken apart and put back together in unexpected ways. Using the topic of the self-driving car as a starting point, this workshop explores and reflects on the ever changing role of technology in our civic society.
During this hands-on workshop Heerko van der Kooij and Selby Gildemacher (of Hackers & Designers) will show you what is going on inside a toy car, how to hack the remote control and make the car follow a line independently.
Workshop participants will work in smaller groups and use sensors, Arduinos (open source computer platform) and soldering irons to create their own self-driving cars.

The Grey Space in the Middle
Paviljoensgracht 20
The Hague
Toy Car Following the Line