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Welcome to the Hackers & Designers wiki – content creator.
Find the front-end implementation here here.


Hackers & Designers

How to

edit this wiki

If this is your first time writing and editing articles in a wiki

create a new page?

  • Use the Form:PeopleOrganisations to create an page for a person or organisation.
  • Use the Form:AddOrEditEvent to create a page for and Event. eg, Meetup, Workshop Etc.
  • After creating a page don't forget to link up/create the relevant pages (if you feel that way inclined) by clicking the RED hyperlink to create a new page
  • After using the form to create the initial page, you can choose to edit the page in the Wiki editor if you would like, by clicking the edit button to the top right of the page and, if you would like to use the creation/edit form again, simply click the Edit with Form button instead.


Ad one of those categories to every article, according to the state the article is in.

  • WriteMe: Articles that need to be written
  • EditMe: Articles that need to be edited
  • Ready to be published: Articles that are ready to publish
  • Published: Articles that have been published
  • Print: Artciles that will be printed
  • Web: Articles that will be published on the website

Collected matter

To Do

Book sprint HDSA 2015 documentation