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* [[Lava Lab|Excursion: Lava Lab]]
* [[Excursion: Lava Lab]]
* [[Googleglass|Googleglass meetup]]
* [[Googleglass|Googleglass meetup]]

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Klasien van de Zandschulp is an interaction designer based in Amsterdam. She designs the way people interact with, and use their digital environment by creating usable interfaces and interactions in (public) spaces. Her work focuses on interactive storytelling and wearable technology. Klasien created several digital art projects like the first virtual festival Zo niet, dan toch and the augmented audio application HearUsHere. She is currently working on wearable technology concepts like smart glasses, -phones and -watches and took part in the Google Glass Explorer program. Klasien works as an independent designer at Lava Lab and as a Sr. interaction designer and curator at Technology & Design.




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