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Hackers & Designers is located In Amsterdam Noord, at the NDSM kunststad (art city) The H&D studio serves as a work space, divided in a larger desk area and a smaller 'dirty' area where stuff can be stored and build. We are currently looking for one or two new studio mates to share the space with. Sometimes we host workshops in the space, we therefore look for people, who are potentially interested in organizing, hosting and/or participating H&D workshops themselves.

Are you a coder/designer/artist/… maker, looking for a work space and want to get involved with H&D more actively? Hit us up at info@hackersanddesigners.nl

  • Monthly rent 175,00 (incl BTW)
  • 80m2, shared by 5-6 people
  • The bigger space of the NDSM Loods can be used as well
  • Available from July or August, no end date.
  • The new H&D studio mate needs to get along with Karl (dog)


NDSM plein 127
1033 WC Amsterdam

Floorplan: Location in the Kunststad

Kunststad upper 010319.jpg