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The Hackers & Designers Coop is a proposed model of collaborative organization based on fiscal democracy.

  1. Funds will be divided equally between all members of the cooperative.
  1. Projects will be proposed to the cooperative by one or more members of the cooperative. Projects broadly consist of a description, budget, and participants, but can include any relevant information to funding cooperative members.
  1. Project can contain participants outside of the cooperative, but participants outside the cooperative can not participate in cooperative funding.
  1. Funding members, cooperative members outside a project's participant list, consider the project proposal, and then return a promise to fund the project (a promise), a rejection to fund (a rejection), or suggestions as to how the project could be modified to be evaluated for funding again (a modification).
  1. Projects can not be funded by it's participating members, except for the case where all members of the cooperative are participating in a single project.
  1. Projects that receive enough promises, even in the case they my also receive modifications, can be executed without fulfilling modification requests.
  1. If a project does not receive enough promises, and does fulfil modification requests, it must be re-evaluated by the whole non-participating collective for funding again.
  1. Everything the cooperative does should be included in or described as a project including administration and organization activities including: book keeping, communication, external funding applications, etc..
  1. It is possible to participate in the cooperative and never propose or participate in a project. Such members, however, will not receive funds.
  1. It is possible to continue with a self-initiated project which was rejected by all cooperative funding, and use the "Hackers & Designers" non-financial assets (name, communication, web, wiki, whatever). Such assets are perks of being part of the cooperative. Self-initiated projects can also happen completely outside of the Hackers & Designers umbrella. It is completely up to the project executor.
  1. Projects which receive required promises and are executed must include Hackers & Designers in project communications, etc..
  1. Individual project management need not concern the cooperative once funded and began. Any external funding received by an individual project is to be handled at the project level. The project can decided to contribute such funding wholly or partially back to the cooperative, but it is not mandatory. Any funding contributed back to the cooperative is again split evenly to cooperative members.


Practically, the budget proposed to Stimuleringsfonds for 2018, predated this coop proposal, and therefore will need to be evaluated and rolled-up in to project definitions. The definition of a project is loose by design, but should not be too large or too small, for instance HDSA2018 likely should be divided into smaller projects.

Project management platforms should be evaluated.