Downtime $pells

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Downtime $pells
Name downtime $pells
Location Het Wilde Weg
Date 2023/07/20
Time 20:00-22:00
PeopleOrganisations Hackers & Designers, ezn
Type HDSC2023
Web No
Print No
4 Downtime spell.jpg

at dusk we'll gather around our machine/computer terminals to cast some spells [run commands]. we'll start by collectively reading A Map Is A Territory zine which is a very gentle and magical introduction to a command line interface:

   // This is a place of empowerment, 
   tangible creativity, 
   and mystic bewilderment.
   // While it can be dangerous, 
   it's also exceedingly helpful 
   if you know how to listen.

command line interface is a text based application that deals with text input/output. every computer has it and you can do anything you imagine through it: navigate your computer filesystem, create/delete files, conjure up images from scratch, edit videos, install and run programms, log into remote computer and so on. trick is to know how to communicate with it via text [commands]

we'll bypass all the fluff of a graphical user interface and get to know the subtle powers of textual communication with our machines. it was always there -- waiting for you ]]

i'd also relay my own experiences and different contexts i find myself in that portal, especially throughout my praxis with feminist servers; would love to hear your stories ~

// hopepunk -- we show up //////// hope-concrete// to imagine different relationship with our machine while going downstairs, in its basement ]]


____________ _participants : 10-15

____________ _duration : 1.5 hours

____________ _you can bring your own laptop, but can also follow without

____________ _no previous technical knowledge is required