Counter Cloud Action Day

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Counter Cloud Action Day
Name Counter Cloud Action Day
Location H&D studio & online
Date 2024/03/08
Time 15:00-17:30
Type [[]]
Web Yes
Print No


Open self-study afternoon at the H&D studio and online


H&D joins the de Transnational, Anti-Colonial, Trans*Feminist Counter Cloud Action Day on Friday 8 March 2024 by opening our doors (physical and virtual) for a self-directed study afternoon. We will read up on and discuss the relationship between Cloud platforms with the military-technological complex enabling the genocide in Palestine. We will share some references, thoughts and suggestions for action, and invite you to join us online or at the H&D studio to dedicate some time to self-directed study on these pressing matters.

H&D is an endorser of Tecnosandia’s declaration of solidarity with Palestine.

No prior knowledge necessary, but you can orient yourself by reading these statements:

  • Time and date: Friday 8 March, 15.30-18.00
  • Location: NDSM-plein studio 127 (for directions, see: or online
  • Registration: send an email to to let us know if you are joining online or at the studio.


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