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(Collective work session with the full collective of H&D)
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Total budget: 3160,00
Total budget: 3160,00
Category: Project

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Project title: Concept and development 2020


Collective work session with the full collective of H&D

Proposed dates for the session:

9, 11, 12, 13, 18 September

In one intensive session we will discuss and develop H&D's future outlook, in more general terms and specifically for the year of 2020 (with the possibility for a longer-term planning of 3 years)

Questions that should be addressed in the session:

How do we position the H&D collective? What is everybody’s individual ambition within H&D? How do we make sure these ambitions are safeguarded?


  • How do we want to communicate to the outside? How do we want to perceived?
  • What are the kinds of subjects/methods/phenomena that are interesting to the individual members
  • How do we see H&D grow as a natural organism? Do we want more members? How do people become members? How do we connect to the community?
  • What are formats we can explore further? Are there alternatives to the default workshop format?
  • Rough outline for a code of conduct for H&D: now that we are many people and it is difficult to meet regularly with everyone, it could be useful to write down some points concerning our ‘ethical’ framework more explicitly. What do we support, what do we reject, what do we aspire, what do we tolerate? Not necessarily to be published but more as a starting point for a discussion.

Session facilitators: Anja, Loes

Budget breakdown:

7 x 6 hrs (2 x 3 hrs) + preparation 2 x 4 hrs

Lunch: BYO

Sub total: 50 hrs

Self-funded 50% of Anja’s hours: -5 hrs

Sub total: 45 hrs


Writing Grant proposal


Stimuleringsfonds: 9 October

Taking the output of the work session into consideration a smaller group will be writing up the plan into a grant proposal. Further research has to go into which grants we are applying to, incorporating applications to other funders than Stimuleringsfonds such as AFK, Stichting Doen, Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, Stichting Media & Democratie…. In this context this group will need to think critically about the future strategies for communication and reach. How can we embed our program more strongly in area of our new location? How can we include marginalised groups more actively? How can we make use of and contribute to initiatives and practitioners that are doing related work? How do we make sure to become more accessible?

Other fundings:

To late for now but maybe interesting for next year: https://www.amsterdamsfondsvoordekunst.nl/aanvragen/tweejarige-subsidies/ Program development, no deadline, takes 13 weeks to review https://www.amsterdamsfondsvoordekunst.nl/aanvragen/programmafinanciering/ https://bankgiroloterijfonds.doen.nl/aanvragen.htm https://www.cultuurparticipatie.nl/subsidies/

Margarita, Anja, Anne, Selby

Budget breakdown:

Margarita & Anja: 20 hrs writing of a general outline consisting of: project plan, budget, communication plan, visual portfolio following the guideline of Stimuleringsfonds

Anne: 16 hrs (coming from admin hours if possible?) Research into other funders, applying project outline to the formats of other funding instances

Anne & Selby: Budget supervision 8hrs

Text corrections: 4hrs

General communication: 4hrs

+ 2 hour for feedback from Heerko and Andre, (Juliette’s contribution can come from communication general budget?) to give feedback and fill in some gaps

Subtotal: 54 hrs

Anne’s hours coming from admin budget if there is spare: -20 hrs

Subtotal: 34 hrs


Total budget: 3160,00

Category: Project