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[[File:Arjanexolains.png|Applied Bio-Robotics|alt=alt language|600px]]
[[File:Arjanexolains.png|Applied Bio-Robotics|600px]]
[[File:Selbydiscussing.png|Applied Bio-Robotics|alt=alt language|600px]]
[[File:Julian-Basil.png|Applied Bio-Robotics|alt=alt language|600px]]
[[File:Selbydiscussing.png|Applied Bio-Robotics|600px]]
[[File:Julian-Basil.png|Applied Bio-Robotics|600px]]


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Template:Events In this workshop we explored connections between the biological and digital domains. Arjan introduced basic electronics, and helped with building sensors to bridge the digital/biological gap. The base of the course were two sample projects. Students use these projects as inspiration and hack away on them, creating variations or entirely new installations.

The first project is an installation that connects plants to the internet, letting the world know when they are in need of water. The other starter project consists of a DIY microscope, which enables bacteria-driven electronic music.

Video by Jona Andersen, Juriaan Boerman and Mark-Jan Tellingen during the workshop 'Bio-Robotics of Arjan Scherpenisse. Part of the Hackers & Designers Summer academy 2015


Applied Bio-Robotics

Applied Bio-Robotics

Applied Bio-Robotics