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Open call
Coded Bodies
Hackers & Designers Summer Academy 2019 in Amsterdam  

15-26 July 2019
Location: Kunststad NDSM-plein 127, 1033 WC Amsterdam


Extending, deconstructing, and reflecting on the (human, post-human, trans-human, non-human) body, the HDSA 2019 public program will be spread out over the two weeks of the summer academy. Creating feedback loops between the activities of the academy participants and the public, the program will include guided meditations focused on our relationship to artificial general intellgience, digital habits yoga, film screenings, conversations, morning raves, and more!

More information about the Summer Academy 2019: Coded Bodies


H&D changed location!!

NDSM-plein 127, 1033 WC Amsterdam
Studio 127 :)
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