End of the year Publication 2018

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End of the year Publication 2018
Name End of the year Publication 2018
Owner Juliette Lizotte
Budget Stimuleringsfonds


Anja and Juliette are preparing a small publication about our activities in 2018 investigating in a very hands on way the notions of truth and fake in relation to technology inviting various collaborators to reflect with us on last year's program.

This includes:

  • participants of The Universe Of [ ] Workshop
  • participants of the Summer Academy
  • lecturers
  • short collaborations
  • visual documentation
  • initiating future collaborations

Edited by Juliette with the help of Anja Proofreading by Rosie Haward




Based on the previous publication's budget we have calculated approximatively 3000€excl. VAT that is budgeted on 2018 Stimuleringsfonds budget.

The budget is exclusive VAT


  • Binding edition of 200 200
  • Printing edition of 200 with Riso 867
  • Printing colored pages with newsprint 380
  • Cover (digital print) 150
  • Stickers 50
  • Postal costs 100
  • Proofreading (Rosie) 500
  • Design (Anja & Juliette) 600
  • HTML to print (Heerko) 400

Total= 3247

Note: There should be around 600€ that Anja and Juliette put aside side from our fee from the Universe of [ ] budget in order to dedicate more time to the design and editing of the book.