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The Graphic User Interface (GUI) is the designers daily companion. The friendly, convenient and modest translators of machine and human interaction, act sometimes as mediators, sometimes as accelerators of binary calculation processes, that mostly happen hidden in the background without us even noticing. GUI’s could be understand as devices of control, that make it possible for us users, to control software, hardware, web-ware and applications. In this 3-day intensive workshop at Hochschule für Gestaltung in Karlsruhe we investigated, questioned and conceptualised the notion of control in the context of Human Computer Interaction: Can we as designers actually control those tools that enable our practices, the work we create? Are all those digital switches, tool bars, drop downs, menu lists and sliders possibly influencing our imagination and independence as makers? Could we through slowing down of computer calculation processes or through temporary force quitting (ctrl-c) analyse and evaluate what happens behind these interfaces?